Encounters, UFO Experience

The world’s first comprehensive exhibition exploring reports of U.F.O.s, alien abductions and encounters with extraterrestrials

Media Sensation

Experience Overview

An out-of-this-world journey into the realm of U.F.O.s and Alien Life


Military Gallery

Factual evidence of extraterrestrial life through government documents, audio recordings and reports of encounters in Area 51, Roswell and Tobaca Canyon.

ufo experience

Sightings Gallery

Documentation of U.F.O. sightings from around the globe. This includes famous annual sightings in Mexico, India, Switzerland and South Pacific; driving the question “are we alone?”

Ancient U.F.O.s Gallery

Artist Renderings, Pyramid Models, Ancient Carvings, Sanskrit Tablets, The Nazca Lines, Vimanas, Ancient Alien Skulls, Puma Punku, Megaliths, Ancient Aircraft