Flat Track Concrete Racing

International Championship Events Presents

The World Championship Indoor Racing Series Concrete Jungle

44 Years of Indoor Arena Motorsports Entertainment Excellence

Bringing the world’s TOUGHEST! FASTEST! and most EXTREME! flat track motorcycle and unlimited outlaw quad racers together to battle on the Concrete, for one thing! The Concrete Jungle Championship Title!

Welcome to the Jungle… The Concrete Jungle!

About The World Championship Indoor Racing Series

For over 40 years The World Championship Indoor Racing Series has been the leader in Indoor Championship ICE Racing; recently expanding its portfolio into the craze of CONCRETE Racing! Bringing to life the Concrete Jungle.

With the showcase concrete event at the Panther Arena in Milwaukee; it packed in over 5,000 spectators!

Professional Motorcycle and Unlimited Outlaw Quad Racers battle it out for just one thing! The Concrete Jungle Championship Title! Putting on a spectacular show with the thrill of racing on concrete.

Extreme flat track motorcycle and quad racers race at insane speeds; going from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds. Creating one action packed night of racing that comes with chills, spills and thrills and a no-holds-barred racing attitude that will keep the crowd on the edge of their seat.

This show is suitable for all ages!


“Our son and niece had a great time. It was an awesome show.”
Melanie Northrup, New York

“Great show in Loveland, I really enjoyed it.”
Jimmy Troudt, Colorado

“Hopefully you guys come back to Glens Falls, this was an awesome time”
Jd David Beeman, New York

“Awesome show you put on”
Dwayne Longstreath, Ohio


With Concrete Racing… It doesn’t get any easier than this to put on an ACTION PACKED show!


EVENT STUNTS – Bringing excitement to the crowd – Pyro,* Special Effect Lighting, Fog Machines, Motorcycle Limbo, Stunts *dependent on venue

CROWD PARTICIPATION – Kids Participation, T-Shirt Blasters, Kiss Cam, Turkey Bowling with members of the crowd and racers, Autograph Session – Never any down time! Keeping the crowd continuously wanting more!

106.1FM ”THE BACKSTAGE EXCLUSIVE PIT PARTY” – Special pre-event pit pass for guests to have some one-on-one time with the riders and their race bikes to take pictures and get autographs.

SPONSOR APPRECIATION NIGHT – Title sponsor can receive up to 1,000 complimentary tickets depending on depth and breadth of promotional advertising. Connect sponsors to the event.

CHARITY DONATIONS / HOSTING UNDERPRIVILEGED KIDS, VETERANS AND SOLDIERS – Tickets made available through XYZ sponsor; hosting local charities, under privileged children, veterans and soldiers.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTIONS– Ability to connect with Local Motorcycle Chapter Associations and Motorcycle / Racing Blogs.

VIP TICKETS – “GOLD RING SEATING” See the Battle of the Concrete Jungle, with the best seats in the house – promotions such as Event Sponsor Promotions and half price children’s tickets with a paid adult promotion.