International Championship Events Motorcycle Ice Racing

The world’s best professional MOTORCYCLE and QUAD ice racers take part in the ANNUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ICE RACING SERIES. ICE has hosted ice racing events in many major hockey arenas in North America, including the NHL’s Xcel Center in St Paul, NHL’s Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa, Portland’s Rose Garden Coliseum, Oakland Coliseum, Conseco Field house in Indianapolis, Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, and Sovereign Bank Center in Trenton. Hockey dashers and riders are fully protected by foam padded panels fit over the boards. The hockey playing surface is untouched, as 2 inches of ice is added on top of the hockey ice surface overnight the day before the event.

Often described as one of the roughest, most dangerous sports in the world, professional ice racing demands riders to wear more padding and protective gear than almost any other sport. Virtually every inch of the rider is covered by custom fabricated leather or Kevlar attire and state-of-the-art high tech plastic protection. I.C.E. has held a tour for 30 years without damage to the hockey ice surface, arena property, or participants.

Manufacturers that produce race machines currently approved for this Series are ATK; Honda; Husqvarna; Kawasaki; KTM; Suzuki and Yamaha. All the motorcycles competing will be equipped with specially prepared “porcupine type” steel studded tires. Over 1,000 racing studs are installed in their tires.