Omnium Circus

omnium circus

Omnium Circus presents I’M POSSIBLE – step into a world of all things possible discovering the power, the passion, and the perseverance of the human spirit within us!

Follow young Dani on her journey to courage, strength, and perseverance through a death-defying, awe-inspiring, madcap circus adventure with no limits, no boundaries, and no barriers – all audiences
will be amazed by the extraordinary, inclusive production of I’M POSSIBLE!


Omnium (Latin for “of all and belonging to all”), A Bold New Circus is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2020 during the pandemic and is the first comprehensively inclusive circus performing arts
company. Our mission is to unite families and communities through shared joy, laughter, and inspiration and provide education and employment opportunities.

We collaborate with presenters and performing Arts Centers to support accessibility, increase audiences,
and inclusive employment with professional consulting services. Omnium facilitates lasting progress enabling professional performing arts and presenting organizations to maintain leadership in the global movement toward a more diverse and inclusive society

Entertainment: Omnium employs a cast of extraordinary talent that is comprehensively inclusive; multi-ethnic, multi-racial, accessible, and multi-abled, providing the best in multi-generational family entertainment.

Education: Omnium offers Opportunities for corporate social responsibility Volunteers, All ability volunteers, apprenticeships, virtual and in-school programming, in-person corporate Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion training through the magical lens of the circus.