Apocalypse World

Grindco presents the first Interactive Masquerade Electronic Music Festival Tour with a post-apocalyptic theme which features the World’s largest “Foam party” in half of the large open dance area. Half the dance area is ‘soap foam’ and half is dry.

These events give party goers a chance to step into an eerie “movie set” space. As soon as they enter, they become part of the themed setting…. which is the night of the devastating “end of the world” Apocalypse. This theme is the Mayan Apocalypse as predicted in December 2012.

Patrons attending in themed costume will receive a lower priced entry ticket, than non-costumed patrons, and there are even onsite costume rentals and makeup artists…

Yes, everyday can be a US type Halloween! …The event can take place indoors or outdoors. This Arena sized event features an open GA dance floor (no seating on floor, then a 270 degree seating set up) and can also be presented in stadiums, racetracks, or festival grounds.

Grindco provides all infrastructure & Event Special Features:

– World’s largest “foam party” lighted to look blood red in color, contained within portable walls

– A semi-destroyed urban setting, with backdrops, and post-apocalyptic set decorations

– Video projection systems of fire effects and urban destruction on backdrops

– Fire Dancers, Jugglers and fire swallowers

– Various freak show performers/ acts

– Undead podium go-go dancers and contortionists performances

– Main stage with eerie glowing lights, intense strobe lights and fog/haze effects

– Event/Tour movie being shot, and to be advertised to the public to come be a part of it

– DJ talent driving Electronic dance music all night in-between live bands

– Bands Live electronic/rock acts… (TBA based on each promoters discretion)

Our Freakshow/ Fire performers are called Swing shift Sideshow and have been featured on the America’s Got Talent and also seen on CBS, Comedy Central, Travel Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, Criss Angel’s MindFreak, and America’s Most Wanted

FIRE / PYRO: Video projection of fire effects on walls, fire eating, breathing, staff, fans, fingers, headdress, belt, palm torches, whip, parasol, colored fire fuel, swords, canes. Completely licensed, Insured, and fire certified… (We also offer a “no Fire” version using ALL video projection)