MOTOPSYCHO MANIA Motorcycles & Music Tour

Grindco’s Motopsycho Mania show package is an extreme motorcycles and music event with some unique ‘twists’ put on the current
sports popularized lately and presented in a theatrically lighted concert looking atmosphere. The show is a turnkey package
event including all talent and production required for the acts described below. This is an affordable alternative to other
Action Sports shows both to event promoters and to the public, with a proven spectator demographic of 15-35 years of age.

GLOBE OF DEATH – a new twist on an old extreme sport!! Giant steel cage that up 3

Fearless Riders will amaze the crowd performing single and double man routines.

FREESTYLE MOTO X – features top Level FMX name athletes, trick jumping & flipping over a 70ft

Ramp to ramp set up. AREA NEEDED: 250ft X 25ft (76m x 8m) tunnel access used for the run in/approach)

EXTREME STREET BIKERS – modified street bike riders “tricking” and amazing audiences vertical wheelies,

Nose wheelies and with what they can do on flat ground with these High powered machines! BMX bikes optional.


– Stage, sound and lights to be provided by promoter as per technical rider

– Load in is 3hrs for all motorcycle ramps (NO DIRT USED) Load out is 3 hrs

– Minimal stagehands needed (4 laborers for ramp set up)


Bill Young Productions for all the AD materials, radio & TV spots, poster art, etc…


A new Grindco Rock Supergroup will debut at the Zeitgeist Festival in Hollywood, August4. Members include Ivan Deprume (White
Zombie), Sin Quirin (Ministry), Marc Frappier (Alice in Chains)